Polygonmach PPI stenkross

Polygonmach PPI stenkross
Polygonmach PPI stenkross
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Tillverkare:  Polygonmach
Modell:  PPI
Typ:  stenkross
Publiceringsdatum:  25 maj 2024
Machineryline ID:  PL38089
Kraft:  517 hk (380 kW)
Skick:  begagnade

Mer information — Polygonmach PPI stenkross

Introducing the Polygonmach PP1 Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant, a powerhouse of productivity, specifically engineered for the challenges of crushing and screening a range of materials. This compact, yet powerful, system offers the perfect solution for processing limestone and other materials, matching, if not surpassing, your expectations for mobile material processing.

The PP1, with its production capacity of 150-200 tph, is robust enough to handle materials of varying hardness grades. The maximum feeding size stands at 850 x 850 mm with a generous feeding height of 4.2 meters, accommodating a wide array of processing requirements. The PP1 comes as a single chassis on wheels, further equipped with hydraulic opening legs for ease of operation and transport.

This innovative mobile plant is powered by a 320-380 kW motor and requires an 850 kVA electric generator. Despite its immense power and high production capacity, it maintains a relatively compact footprint, weighing between 49-59 tonnes and measuring 15(L) x 3.2(W) x 4.2(H) meters.

Our PP1 Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant is an amalgamation of a feeding hopper with vibrating feeder, PPI-1412-1414 Primary Impact Crusher, bypass conveyor, feeding conveyor, vibrating screen with 3 or 4 decks, feedback conveyor, and fold-up type stockpile conveyors. This configuration ensures an efficient, seamless operation, with the potential to achieve 3 or 4 different fractions at the same time.

Our emphasis on user-friendly design is evident in the PP1, ensuring a hassle-free mounting and assembling experience.
Technology: impact
Mobility: mobile
Other characteristics: primary, compact, limostone
Capacity: Max.: 200 t/h(122 lb/s)Min.: 150 t/h(92 lb/s)
Motor power: Max.: 380 kW(516.66 hp)Min.: 320 kW(435.08 hp)
Opening height: 850 mm(33.5 in)
Opening lenght: 850 mm(33.5 in)
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