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Polygonmach slagkross
Polygonmach slagkross
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Tillverkare:  Polygonmach
Typ:  slagkross
Publiceringsdatum:  idag
Machineryline ID:  DM38089
Skick:  begagnade

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Secondary impact crushers are special machines used in various industries such as mining, construction, and quarries to break down large rocks and minerals into smaller, more manageable pieces. These machines help to efficiently break down the material into smaller and more easily manageable pieces by applying high impact force onto the material.

The importance of secondary impact crushers to customers lies in their ability to efficiently process large and robust materials. This reduces material loss during the crushing and grinding process and increases the quality of the output. Therefore, secondary impact crushers contribute to increasing both work productivity and the productivity of businesses.

Another advantage of secondary impact crushers is their lower wear resistance compared to similar devices. The Herbie technology prolongs the lifespan of impact crushers and minimizes wear and tear, reducing maintenance and repair costs for businesses.

Energy efficiency is one of the most important factors that influence customer choices when making a purchase. Secondary impact crushers are designed and developed efficiently to minimize energy consumption. Low energy consumption not only reduces business costs but also provides an environmentally friendly solution.

In conclusion, secondary impact crushers are of great importance in various industries. When selecting secondary crushers, customers should consider factors such as impact force, energy efficiency, and material specificity.
Technology: impact
Mobility: stationary
Other characteristics: secondary
Capacity: Min.: 70 kg/h(154 lb/h)Max.: 450 kg/h(992 lb/h)
Motor power: Min.: 110 kW(149.56 hp)Max.: 315 kW(428.28 hp)
net weight: Min.: 13,900 kg(30,644.25 lb)Max.: 28,400 kg(62,611.28 lb)
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