Polygonmach PSC120 betongfabrik

Polygonmach PSC120 betongfabrik
Polygonmach PSC120 betongfabrik
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Polygonmach PSC120 betongfabrik bild 3
Polygonmach PSC120 betongfabrik bild 4
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Tillverkare:  Polygonmach
Modell:  PSC120
Typ:  betongfabrik
Publiceringsdatum:  25 maj 2024
Machineryline ID:  YJ38089
Skick:  begagnade

Mer information — Polygonmach PSC120 betongfabrik

POLYGONMACH 120 M3/hour stationary concrete batching plant is one of the high capacity stationary concrete batching plants. These plants are used to produce high quality concrete for large construction projects and infrastructure activities.

POLYGONMACH 120 M3/hour fixed concrete batching plant has a capacity of 120 m3/hour and operates fully automatically. Concrete mixing, conveying and unloading processes are fully automatic. In addition, these plants have special designs that facilitate the production of high quality concrete. They give superior results in factors such as concrete strength, quality and homogeneity.

These power plants are often used for large-scale construction projects such as large bridges, dams, hydroelectric power stations, highways and shopping malls. Due to their stability, they guarantee on-time delivery and high productivity.

POLYGONMACH 120 M3/h stationary concrete batching plants are also known for their environmental friendliness. They have low energy consumption and low emission levels. Therefore, they are the preferred solution in sustainable projects around the world.

Thanks to these features, POLYGONMACH 120 M3/hour stationary concrete batching plants are a frequently preferred option in the construction industry.

Different types of mixers can be used in POLYGONMACH 120M3 concrete batching plants.

1. Rotary mixer: Rotary mixers work by rotating the drum while mixing the concrete. These mixers are suitable for both small and large-scale jobs and provide high performance.

2. Static mixer: In static mixers, fixed systems are used instead of parts to be held together to mix the concrete. These mixers may cost less but perform less well
Mobility: stationary
Other characteristics: automatic, special
Capacity: 120 m³/h(4,237.76 ft³/h)
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