Polygonmach asfalt anläggning

Polygonmach asfalt anläggning
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Tillverkare:  Polygonmach
Typ:  asfalt anläggning
Publiceringsdatum:  25 maj 2024
Machineryline ID:  MM38089
Skick:  begagnade

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Polygonmach mobile or portable hot mix asphalt plant is a type of asphalt plant that is designed to be easily transported and set up at different job sites. Unlike stationary plantsPolygonmach mobile plants can be quickly assembled, disassembled, and moved to different locations as needed. Capacity vary from 40 to 200 tph on design based.

The functions of Polygonmach mobile/portable asphalt plant are similar to those of a stationary plant and include:

Aggregate Storage and Handling: Polygonmach Mobile plants have storage bins or silos to store aggregates of different sizes. These aggregates are sorted and fed into the plant for processing.

Drying and Heating: The aggregates are dried and heated in a drum or dryer to remove moisture and bring them to the desired temperature for proper asphalt mixing.

Asphalt Binder Storage and Heating: Polygonmach Mobile plants have storage tanks for storing the asphalt binder, which is heated to a specified temperature before mixing with the aggregates.

Mixing: The heated aggregates and asphalt binder are mixed together in the plant to produce hot mix asphalt. The mixing can be done in a batch or continuous process, depending on the type of plant.

Storage and Loadout: The hot mix asphalt is stored temporarily in storage silos or bins until it is ready for loadout onto trucks for transportation to the construction site.
Options: mobile, continuous
Capacity: Max.: 200 t/h(122 lb/s)Min.: 40 t/h(24 lb/s)
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